Our Philosophy

Our Mission is to engage children in holistic learning experiences that positively impact each child throughout their early stages of development. Our Vision is to provide children with the best possible early life foundations for future learning success.

We believe that children should be given the opportunity to LIVE and be children, to LOVE and be loved and to LEARN to their fullest potential. With this at the heart of our commitment to young people, we aim to make a positive impact for their future years of learning. We are a proud, family (Kin) owned and operated company emphasising the value of kindred spirt in working with children, their families and the community.

We value the 5 Kin’s for Early Life Foundations

  1. Kinship - We value sharing and working together, partnering children, their families and the community, including the elements of trust, honesty and respect as the basis of our connections and communications with each other.
  1. Kinasetic – We value sharing and working together, partnering children, their families and the community, including the elements of trust, honesty and respect as the basis of our connections and communications with each other.
  1. Kindred - We create a culture that promotes respect for individuals and their abilities, intern we promote the value of diversity, people and earth care and fairness. 
  1. Kinesiology- We value the principles of healthy living and wellbeing. Physical education and perceptual motor development is a core in our program along with the promotion of nutrition and self-care
  1. Kindergarten- We support children to grow their skills for learning, developing essential foundations for school preparedness. Incorporating literacy, numeracy, technology, resilience and self-ownership as our core program elements to set children for future learning success

We recognise that children have many different ways of learning. Each child demonstrates a level of curiosity which motivates them to interact with their peers and their environment. Our environment and experiences offer the child a secure place where they feel a sense of belonging. We see each child as capable and take the time to build a supporting relationship, catering to their development and talents. Our partnerships and learning of families and their values are embraced and transferred from home to the centre, this sets the platform for the way in which we care for and educate your child.

We create an environment where each child feels respected and understood, and is given the opportunity to express themselves and their ideas. We spend time listening to them and allow opportunity for their knowledge to be shared. We create an interactive environment where our learning spaces and social arrangement allows for choice and flexibility, creating possibilities for new teaching and learning ideas which naturally evolve through partnerships within the environment and the community.

Our program embraces the importance of play as a vital learning tool for children. We provide provocations which are opportunities for children to explore, Imagine and discover. Extension of learning experiences are documented as project based work encouraging children to contribute their knowledge and skills whist extending on that base through interactive learning. We intentionally shape experiences within the program to maximise opportunities for the children to share their knowledge. Educators use levels of guidance to encourage ongoing learning and development through these interactions and interests to promote a sense of fun and enjoyment whilst learning and for the children in becoming active members of their world.

We are committed to promoting the importance of health and wellbeing in the early years of development. We value the principles of healthy eating and physical activity through active play. Our meal planning incorporates balanced nutrition in line with the national dietary guidelines for children and wherever possible, considers cultural, religious and ethical food choice principles.

We believe that providing rich opportunities for being outdoors in the natural environment as a consistent practice will provide a connection between the children’s awareness of their natural environment and their local community. Our outdoor learning space focuses on exploration, adventure and risk taking, appropriate to the stage of the individual child and supports the learning and doing of physical activity and perceptual motor. Above all our engagement with our outdoor learning space and the local environment provides opportunity for relationship building and learning together in an environment – ‘Where children can Live, Love, Learn’.

‘Where children can Live, Love, Learn’.